Lottte snoozing with puppy











Ballooning With the librarians at RutherglenAt Rutherglen library with librarians.

Writer’s delightWriter's delight

Gorgeous CrittersRed-footed boobyLand iguana

Adelie penguins, AntarcticaAdolescent malesPolar bear, Churchill CanadaWystan: domestic scene

Elephant conservation program, BotswanaLottte snoozing with puppy

Lotte modelling new coat

2 thoughts on “GALLERY

  1. Joseph Rose

    My first contact with your writing was on Saturday night at Caulfield Town Hall.- Great story Kol e kovod!
    I read more on your web-site.
    I will check out the book shops (or maybe Amazon) in the coming days.
    In the mean time please include me as a member of your fan club(surely one exists!)

    Joe Rose

    1. Andrea Goldsmith Post author

      It was a fun night, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. I did too. As one who loves our bookshops and wants to support them, I would ask you to check out my books at one of our wonderful Melbourne independent bookshops rather than Amazon. If you’re returning to the Melbourne Jewish Writers’ Festival, the bookshop – run by Readings books – has copies of my last three novels. (AND if you are returning to the festival, you might be interested in my in-conversation session, Monday 2nd June at 1.45pm. Please do introduce yourself if you come.)


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