Lottte snoozing with puppy


In the arms of poet, Thomas Gudmundsson. Reykjavik.

Bonding with Harris Hawk in Ireland








Henry Rosenbloom (publisher at Scribe) and others at Invented Lives launch


Mark Rubbo and me in conversation at launch of Invented Lives


Flying with Tamara


Red-footed booby

Red-footed booby. Galapagos Islands

Land iguana

Utterly gorgeous iguana. Galapagos Islands

Adelie penguins, Antarctica

Adelies, Antarctica

Adolescent males

Adolescent argy-bargy. Churchill, Canada

Polar bear, Churchill Canada

Beautiful pose. Churchill, Canada

Wystan: domestic scene


Elephant conservation program, Botswana

Elephant conservation program, Botswana

Lottte snoozing with puppy

Lotte modelling new coat

2 thoughts on “GALLERY

  1. Joseph Rose

    My first contact with your writing was on Saturday night at Caulfield Town Hall.- Great story Kol e kovod!
    I read more on your web-site.
    I will check out the book shops (or maybe Amazon) in the coming days.
    In the mean time please include me as a member of your fan club(surely one exists!)

    Joe Rose

    1. Andrea Goldsmith Post author

      It was a fun night, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. I did too. As one who loves our bookshops and wants to support them, I would ask you to check out my books at one of our wonderful Melbourne independent bookshops rather than Amazon. If you’re returning to the Melbourne Jewish Writers’ Festival, the bookshop – run by Readings books – has copies of my last three novels. (AND if you are returning to the festival, you might be interested in my in-conversation session, Monday 2nd June at 1.45pm. Please do introduce yourself if you come.)


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