Welcome to the blog and web pages of Australian writer Andrea Goldsmith.


Personal Dictionary

Andrea published her first novel, GRACIOUS LIVING, with Penguin in 1989. Then followed MODERN INTERIORS (Penguin, 1992), FACING THE MUSIC (Penguin 1994), UNDER THE KNIFE (Allen&Unwin, 1998), THE PROSPEROUS THIEF (Allen&Unwin, 2002, short-listed for the Miles Franklin, and REUNION (4th Estate/HarperCollins, 2009). Her latest novel, THE MEMORY TRAP, was published by 4th Estate in in 2014. It was awarded the Melbourne Prize for best work 2013-2015.

In addition to her novels she writes articles and long essays. These include Homer and the Holocaust, Oliver Sacks: Anthropologist of Mind, Only Connect: Musings of an Australian Jew  and many others. Home Triptych, published in the anthology Home Truths (edited by Carmel Bird), was written after the death of her partner, poet Dorothy Porter.
Her occasional blogs contain articles and reviews, together with additional ponderings from the wee hours.

4 thoughts on “HOME PAGE

    1. Stephen Bruhn

      Great web site Andrea. You have been very open with your bio and that is refreshing. Love the way your books are also laid out. And I feel privileged that we had a sneak peak of your latest cover before it got any ‘air’ time. Well, I must say, you really are a computer macnerd.
      Best Regards Always.
      Steve B

  1. Cath

    I love reading your thoughts here , too. It’s like getting a regular hit of one of my favourite writers in between those long haul waits for the next epic novel. Keep them coming.


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